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WORTH CRE is dedicated to providing a dynamic investment opportunity for qualified private individuals and institutions. With a range of products from Funds Investment, LP Offerings, and JV Equity we can, upon investment review, determine which model will best serve your needs concerning timing and risk. Our experienced staff utilizes the full scope of WORTH CRE services in order to achieve accountable and consistent returns for our clients.


The most important stage of the development process, up front analysis mitigates losses from uneducated decisions. Our executives and associates have brokered over $100 million in transaction volume in the last five years, providing first hand access to both on and off market information. This information empowers us to quickly separate the good from the great.


Because of our proven and consistent ability to mobilize and close on quality transactions, market affiliates and outside brokers provide us greater access to deals. We leverage our existing relationships in order to capitalize on private opportunities, and utilize our connections to source uncommonly profitable deals.


Once we’ve isolated a property and diligently researched the feasibility of an idea – we harness the tools of development to transform ideas to reality. These tools include cost analysis, superior construction methods, and contractor selection. With our development model, value is infused into each project, adding to the investor’s bottom line.


Executing strategic marketing plans requires a synergistic team of individuals. By promoting our properties through in-house management, we’re able to hand-pick tenants that are credible and financially sound. The individuals that compose our leasing team are trained professionals, and operate with integrity and honesty.


By analyzing current market trends, negotiating with lenders, and capturing value in every stage of the development process, we’re able to offer attractive risk/return tradeoffs to our investors. We have an ever-growing base of satisfied clients that continue to look to us to provide investment opportunities.


With a track record of property and asset management success, we know how to build and maintain long term real estate assets. Our management provides streamlined financial accounting and reporting systems to minimize your personal workload. We are a full service real estate firm, and it is our ambition to grow our investor’s capital and passive income by managing every aspect of the investment process.

Past offerings have included Multi-Family Developments, Land Lease Developments, Portfolio Acquisitions, and Debt Acquisition.

The information presented herein is provided solely for information purposes. No offering of interests in any of the WORTH Investment Funds formed or to be formed is implied or made as a result of the information herein.

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