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Investing in Commercial Real Estate – Yes or No?


Real estate is one of the most stable investments a person can make; however, whether or not a person should invest in commercial real estate depends on several things. Commercial investments are not for everyone, certainly not for anyone who expects to make a huge sum of money virtually overnight. For those with a good investment attitude and a willingness to carefully manage their investments, commercial property can be highly profitable.

What Is Classified as Commercial Property?

There is a big difference between residential and commercial property where investment is concerned. There are also a vast number of types of commercial property that investors can purchase, notall  just obvious business locations. Commercial real estate includes retail space, office buildings, industrial buildings, warehouse space, multifamily housing units such as apartment buildings, and multi-use buildings such as those with retail below and apartments above. All these kinds of property are great options for anyone looking to invest in commercial real estate.

The Upside of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

When an investor makes wise investment decisions and properly manages their commercial property, real estate investment offers many positives over residential or other types of real estate investing. The potential to earn good income over time is much greater than with any other kind of real estate, making it a lucrative choice. Leased space is more protected, since those leasing the space take measures to protect their businesses or living spaces. Commercial properties gain value very quickly, along with the properties around them, as markets improve and become more desirable for commercial use.

It is also easier to place value on commercial properties based on surrounding properties, so there is less price bargaining when it comes to selling or even leasing space. The idea of triple-net leases essentially makes ownership of many income-producing commercial locations free, while tenants pay rent, property taxes, maintenance, and improvements. For the investor who has start-up money along with the ability to stick with their investments over time, commercial property can be a very profitable investment choice.

The Downside of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Although commercial realty offers many benefits, investors should always realize there are some risks; however, when handled correctly, the downside of investment in commercial property does not have to be a deterrent. The main consideration property owners must deal with is that getting started requires a much larger financial outlay than many other investments, since property down payments of between 10 and 20 percent are commonly necessary. Maintenance and repairs on commercial properties are also much more costly than those for residential properties. While it may seem like managing and maintaining commercial property is fairly easy, in order to manage the nicest buildings and develop a good reputation that helps keep space leased out, working with a management company is best. On the bright side, all these costs and initial outlay of money can be recuperated many times over through skillful management and leasing, and increasing property value.

The question of whether or not to invest in commercial property is an individual one, based  on available assets, the ability to learn local realty markets, and be willing to provide good management. That said, commercial real estate is a lucrative and safe place to invest even in the worst of times. To learn more about local commercial investment options, work with an experienced commercial real estate broker!

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