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Insight Into Commercial Real Estate and Unique Office Space!

Commercial Real Estate in College Station Texas

Unique commercial real estate can be a real Catch-22. While unique properties offer qualities that some customers will pay top dollar for, those audiences are frequently much smaller than more general audiences. On the other hand, many commercial real estate brokers advise that there are certain qualities were originally more unique but are now becoming desired by more businesses. Such is the case with TAMI properties, which are becoming more popular among commercial realty clients to the benefit of property owners.

What Is TAMI?

TAMI - technology, advertising, media, and information properties - are commercial real estate spaces designed and targeted for companies in these four and similar fields. TAMI spaces started out as more unique office spaces; as more technology and information businesses entered the marketplace, these properties became part of a full niche that is now in demand. TAMI essentially defines a collective group of industries all looking for the same things in office space.

What Constitutes TAMI Space?

A main quality of TAMI spaces is a design that caters to companies that work in certain ways. With computers and other digital devices the heart of most TAMI businesses, a TAMI-friendly commercial space is one that is open and bright, has LED lighting, and features numerous windows for natural light. Glass interior walls are becoming especially popular to create that desirable open feeling. 

These spaces commonly include simple, polished cement floors as opposed to the standard industrial tile or commercial carpeting.  The dropped ceilings have been replaced with open, exposed beams. Workspaces are large enough for collaboration; amenities such as open pantries, relaxation spaces, rooftop terraces, and other comforts have become standard.

Finished buildings with strong wifi, stylish furnishings, building security, and the amenities that provide comfort while inspiring creativity are highly desirable.  

Expanding Markets with TAMI

In some commercial markets, spaces are being renovated to be more TAMI-friendly. This is especially common in the more urban areas, where businesses want such planning but recognize that such comfort requires additional effort. Commercial real estate owners taking the initiative to cater to the TAMI niche are finding themselves in a unique position to offer buildings to multiple industries as opposed to just one, improving the marketability of their buildings.

There is only so much office space available in some areas, so expanding to suburban locations is the next logical step. With demand high, commercial real estate developers and investors in these areas must consider how a TAMI design could be an asset, then bring companies to them.

Although the idea of designing for TAMI industries is only just beginning to make its way out of the big city, trends in commercial real estate suggest that doing so could be beneficial. The demand for space that caters to the needs of creative and tech companies is definitely there. Many commercial real estate brokers are finding that when the building is unique and fits the niche well, companies are willing to move beyond the city limits. It is definitely an idea for commercial developers and investors to note as more owners begin adjusting their properties to fit the needs of TAMI companies!

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