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How Does Commercial Property Value Differ From Residential?

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Investing in real estate can be very lucrative for those who go about it correctly. One of the most important facts commercial realtors stress to those just getting started in commercial property investing is that the value of commercial property differs greatly from that of residential properties. This is one huge detail that must be considered when searching the commercial property listings for business real estate to buy.

What Influences Property Value?

All real estate is valued according to certain features and qualities, whether zoned for residential or commercial use. Some of these details include acreage, type and size of buildings, age and condition of buildings, location, and many other specifications.

Overall and to an extent, commercial realtors do consider the same factors when determining valuation whether for residences or businesses. The weight of these factors differs depending on zoning and intended use.

Why Are Commercial Properties Worth More?

When looking though commercial property listings for real estate to purchase, it is easy to see that price per square foot is generally much higher than it is for residential listings. Similarly, land zoned for investing in commercial property is generally more expensive than comparable acreage zoned for residential or even agricultural use.

The main explanation for these large differences in value is the ability to make money with business property. Although residential land and homes may be able to generate a slower amount of income as rentals, it is usually less income than that produced through business holdings. This income potential elevates the value of business land and buildings.

What Other Factors Affect Commercial Property Value?

Commercial realtors deal with a variety of business properties suitable for commercial property investing. Valuation tends to correspond with the type of property and what it can be used for since this is one of the many factors that dictates income potential. Infrastructure, maintenance requirements, ability to qualify for financing, and access also affect valuation.

Location is another important value determinant to consider when looking at commercial property listings. Just as a house in an upscale, desirable neighborhood will sell for a higher price than one in a less desirable area, an office building downtown is worth more than one outside the business district. The reason for this is partly due to public transportation access, a professional environment, and even the value of nearby buildings.

Business demand for favorable locations increases the income potential of a building as owners or lessors are willing to pay more for these locations. Similarly, multi-unit housing in nice neighborhoods and close to important amenities like shopping, medical care, and recreation are more valuable than those in poorer neighborhoods or with no access to these important amenities.

Although all property values are affected by most of same details, commercial property listings have higher values due to their potential to earn greater incomes. Additionally, determining factors are weighed differently in commercial property investing, where type, location, and accessibility are more relative than with residential properties. Experienced commercial realtors understand the many qualities that influence the value of business properties and can provide invaluable help in your search for the right property!

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