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Commercial Real Estate – Why It Must Be Mobile!

Commercial Real Estate in College Station Texas

Whether buying or selling, success in commercial real estate depends on exposure, whether from a website and advertising, word of mouth, or Google search. The one thing that all these methods have in common is how most people now access listings, which is through the Internet.

With the internet going increasingly mobile, it is essential that business real estate companies ensure their websites are accessible by the right people, at the right times.

Mobile Use Is On the Rise

In the past decade, the use of mobile devices to access the internet has increased exponentially. According to some estimates, more than 50 percent of all searches today are performed on a mobile device. As a result, companies that want to be seen must embrace this fact and work with it or lose out to their mobile-ready competitors.

Mobile Affects Everything

Many think that mobile use is more important to retail businesses; however, most commercial real estate agents know that it affects the real estate industry as well. Zillow, one of the leading names in the business, reports that as many as two-thirds of their searches now come from mobile devices. This easily suggests that any realty site or listing that is not mobile-ready cannot provide the service that potential clients want and need.

There is more to mobile use than websites and listings, as advertising plays a huge part in the exposure game. All of this demonstrates that business real estate companies need to be concerned with the accessibility of their website and how their advertising is done.

Keeping Up With Mobile

Commercial real estate companies need to be as accessible as possible to be competitive. Therefore, companies need to discuss the following ideas regarding online exposure and mobile-friendliness with their web design and marketing services.:

  • Mobile-First Web Design - First and foremost, a business real estate website must be designed for easy, mobile-friendly navigation with effective responsive design. Since much of what happens in the realty industry happens on the go, searchers must have necessary access from mobile devices to promote effective use of the website. Google now favors mobile-friendly websites; anything else is filtered to the bottom of the search results.
  • Mobile-Optimized Advertising - Advertising must be optimized for viewing on mobile devices, include clickable phone numbers. Make sure the site is marketed for local search. Advertising on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are another important venue for mobile advertising, as is using mobile-optimized landing pages to drive traffic.
  • Mobile Chat - Real-time conversations are essential in the quickly moving commercial real estate industry. Using a reliable chat application such as Facebook Messenger or a built-in chat function on the website is suggested to easily stay in contact with people when making important business deals.

It is critical that a business real estate company keep up with today’s evolving technology, especially with the company website. As more people use mobile phones and tablets for all Internet searches and communications, competitive agencies need to be mobile accessible in order to be found. With a great mobile-ready website and mobile optimized advertising with publicity campaigns, commercial real estate companies can be accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

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