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Commercial Real Estate – Why Direct Investments Are Increasing!


Investing is tricky business, no matter what the investment may be. Historically, real estate is one of the most stable investments, but due to economic fluctuations, residential investments have faltered. Yet commercial real estate, continues to be a great option for all types of investors, since these properties usually continue to produce income - even as other types of real estate investments weaken. Today, commercial property remains a top option for those looking for investments, with direct investments increasing every day.

Lower Risk in Commercial Property Investment

Commercial properties are income producing, making them a preferred investment for property developers and commercial investment trusts. Any type of building that attracts tenants who pay rent are great investments, even when other real estate is not doing very well. Apartment buildings, shopping centers and office buildings are just some of the examples of properties that attract investors and that do well for them, even in a down economy. There is definite stability in commercial real estate investments for these and other reasons, and in a variety of markets across the country. There are always risks involved, just as there are with any type of investment, but it is still an attractive way for investors to become involved in real estate in a safer environment.

Higher Yield from Commercial Investments

Commercial investments typically produce higher yield than many other types of realty investments, for a number of reasons. As property values and demand for certain rental space goes up, so does the rent that can be charged for those properties - whether this is living, corporate or retail space. Compared to other kinds of investments, commercial real estate is earning more, sometimes into the double percentage digits, which is much better than many other investments today. REIT's, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, may even produce higher dividends when shares are purchased directly, as opposed to part of a mutual fund. Even beyond the real estate market itself, today commercial properties are producing some of the highest dividends overall, while most financial investments are paying very low interest rates. 

Diverse Investment Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

Direct investment - whether outright, or as a REIT - is becoming a more preferred means of investing today, between the higher yield, and the ease in investing. REIT's are easier to understand, but still provide investors with the opportunity to actually see what they are investing in by visiting locations themselves. Direct investment also offers investors the opportunity to be included (to a certain extent) in decisions about the properties they are investing in - something that may be desirable to some. There are strong investment markets across the country, allowing investors to build a diversity of properties in their portfolios, for the greatest growth and best stability.

In an age where CD's, bonds, and other bank investments are paying low interest, the economy is unreliable, and the stock market has become out of reach for many, investing commercial real estate is beginning to get a lot of new attention. The opportunities are definitely available for those interested in commercial property. To learn more about investing in this type of real estate, whether directly or as part of a REIT, talk to an experienced commercial investment company, today!

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