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Attracting Millennials To Commercial Real Estate Workspace!

Commercial Real Estate in College Station Texas

Companies looking to hire and retain the best minds for their businesses must provide a comfortable and inspiring work environment. This idea has become especially important in recent years, as the millennial workforce has influenced change in the workplace. Commercial real estate brokers are seeing trends that indicate catering to the comforts and needs of today’s millennials can definitely pay off in the end. To ensure that commercial space remains leased, investors buying commercial real estate may want to consider these tips when seeking out the most millennial-friendly spaces.

Why Worry About Attracting Millennials?

Commercial owners should worry about attracting millennials because they are the up and coming workforce, today’s rising stars. As times progress, so do employee needs, and today’s millennials have a few different needs than just cubicles in closed-off spaces. The millennial set is more connected and creative than ever, so nurturing that creativity with the right environment is important. Many studies have already suggested that the workforce is changing and such changes must be considered so that companies can take advantage of this. For those buying commercial real estate, whether for their own company or as an investment, these ideas are especially important.

What Makes A Workspace Desirable Today?

The millennial mindset is one that combines work with nature and the comforts of home. Environment is everything, as is a casual place where employees can work as they prefer, amenities close by. When making decisions on commercial real estate, buyers should consider such ideas and how easily they can be implemented in a building. Some buildings, when laid out efficiently, already possess many of these qualities:

  • Open Layouts and Collaboration Space - While the open office may not suit everyone, a combination of open and more private space is definitely desirable. At a minimum, office space should possess a few large areas where employees can collaborate on projects and not be forced into tiny spaces to work. These spaces should be airy and bright, preferably with windows providing plenty of natural light with both larger conference-type tables as well as smaller, cafe-style settings;
  • Food and Kitchen Amenities - The workday is changing as much as the workspace, with the traditional lunch break taking a backseat to eating while working. Many employees prefer to bring their meals back to their workspaces, or continue working in groups while sharing lunch. As a result, many workspaces now include open kitchens that can also function as collaborative workspaces, removing the tiny, tucked-away kitchen away from the main activity. Some companies are even using food carts as a part of their amenities and pushing them around so that employees can grab a snack without the interruptions that would come with leaving the workspace;
  • Relaxation Spaces and Game Rooms - Another amenity that ranks high with hard-working millennials is down time spaces. The inclusion of a comfortable, cozy relaxation space that feels like home is a definite positive. A game room where employees can burn off energy for a few minutes is another extra that can raise morale and keep younger people more comfortable in their workspaces.

Studies researching the effect of environment on productivity continue to suggest that the more comfortable employees are in their workspaces, the more productive they can be. While individual companies could easily provide some of these amenities themselves, investors buying commercial real estate can consider them as the extras that will attract the best tenants and continually leased buildings. When searching for commercial real estate, buyers should consider buildings that either already have these amenities or can be easily improved to provide them!

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