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A Pressing Need For Middle Income, Multi-Family Urban Housing!

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Investing in commercial real estate can be challenging no matter what type of commercial property an owner is considering. Yet basic common sense dictates that most investors should look for opportunities that are more likely to succeed. The increasing demand for multi-family urban homes suggests that multi-unit housing could be a very lucrative option. With more people looking for this type of housing and fewer vacancies available, affordable middle-income housing offers a great opportunity for investors.

Lack of Middle Income Housing in Urban Areas

There is accelerating growth occurring in many urban locations around major metropolitan cities. Jobs are increasing, which is great for the economy; however, it has created an altogether different problem, which is a lack of affordable, middle-income housing. Millennials are most affected by this as these job seekers and young professionals are being drawn to the inner cities to live closer to these new jobs.

Unfortunately, they cannot find suitable and affordable homes within commuting distance. With vacancies in surrounding urban areas extremely low, a unique opportunity is available to those investing in commercial real estate to tap into a ripe market for affordable housing.

The Issue of Affordability

Affordability is always a prime concern for those looking for homes in highly desired urban regions. Professionals and families must have an acceptable balance between living expenses and commuting costs, both of which dictate where these individuals can afford to live. Multi-family housing is a popular solution in many situations since it offers greater affordability, in more desirable locations, while lessening the burden of transportation costs.

When catered to the right audiences, whether young families or professional couples and singles, this type of commercial real estate is in high demand because it does solve multiple problems.

Great Opportunities in Multi Family Urban Housing

Considering the obvious need for affordable housing to cater to middle income individuals and families, great opportunities are available for commercial property owners and investors. If properties can be developed with the needs of millennials and other middle income families in mind, today’s investors may do very well. The biggest issue that investors must consider is tailoring their projects to serve the incomes and types of families requiring them without overpricing these properties.

Although higher-end, exclusive communities may seem initially attractive, the actual need for this type of housing is decreasing. Investors looking to gain the most from this market needs to understand this trend and build or renovate affordable, suitable properties to serve the middle income sector instead.

As with any income opportunity, those who are becoming involved with or expanding their interest in commercial real estate need to do their research in order to find the best risks. The increasing demand for urban multi-family housing demonstrates that while there is great opportunity available for commercial property investors, they must be appropriately affordable in order to actually cater to this need. This requires a detailed study of economic and employment conditions in a specific area, along with an understanding of cost-of-living basics for the main population seeking affordable housing!

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