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Transaction Portfolio


Seller Representation

WORTH CRE is more than a listing firm. By maintaining extensive strategic alliances in multiple market segments Worth Partners, CRE is able to consistently achieve above market results. Our experts will analyze the latest market information in conjunction with a complete cash flow analysis of the asset in order to achieve the highest possible return. Our database of both Public and Private Investors leaves little to chance and will allow your asset to be viewed on a larger scale than traditional listing firms.


Purchaser Representation

WORTH CRE is built on a foundation of aggressive, value-based Acquisitions. By utilizing past and current market data, our Brokers are able to streamline due diligence needs giving our valued clients the cutting edge. When a Worth Partners, CRE Broker is engaged to assess or obtain a property type they are given the full support of all affiliates in order to satisfy both available and perceptively unavailable properties. Our greatest value is consistently having a better understanding of “off-market” properties and maintaining value-based relationships with these owners and institutions.



WORTH CRE has provided valuable consulting and advisory service for a wide range of clients.  We are dedicated to the success of our clients and investors. We build on this by providing practical data and consulting practices to determine not only if a particular investment or acquisition meets the client’s needs but also that it is in their best interest. Often times the best decision was the decision that you didn’t act on.


Tenant Representation

WORTH CRE is second to none in providing Tenant Representation services.   Whether your company needs analysis of their current lease scenario or is needing to explore a wide range of tenancy options, our Broker’s will provided unparalleled attention to detail in conjunction with the most relevant market data available to assure value.  WORTH PARTNERS, CRE has represented a broad range of clients from regional tenants to FORTUNE 500 franchisees in negotiated tenancy.


Landlord Representation

WORTH CRE will build a dynamic model around your specific property needs.  This model will then be implemented in a scalable, measurable process in order to document and achieve your goals.   Our commercial leasing agents are able to work in conjunction with our existing assets in management in order to maximize your property’s exposure.  Our tenant acquisitions process is streamlined and provides an in-depth approach to finding and keeping quality tenants.


Site Selection

WORTH CRE provides site selection services for a broad range of clients ranging from hospitality franchisees, Multi-Family REITs, medical retail outlets, and government contract fulfillment.  Our experienced team consistently demonstrates an unparalleled line of communication between client needs and functional utilization.  We work hand-in-hand with State, County, and Municipal jurisdictions in order to provide a better environment for businesses to grow and succeed.   The end result is you will receive an objective analysis of your needs, and how we feel various locations will meet those needs.


Build to Suit

WORTH CRE is able to utilize longstanding relationships with a wide range of lenders and property owners which allows us to create tenancy opportunities when current market conditions seem to provide none.   Our experienced development and construction management team, in conjunction with our cutting edge market data, will streamline what once was a lengthy process.

Property Management

WORTH CRE provides a broad range of property management services from single asset offsite to fully integrated onsite staffed management.  Management is a core component of any successful investment; let our professionals customize a program for you.  Our management services include Office, Retail, Industrial, and Multi-Family/Residential Income.

Asset Management

WORTH CRE is dedicated to a progressive and rigorous asset managing model that is based on the idea that any asset that is WORTH owning requires attention to detail.  Our skilled team is dedicated to providing value to our owners and investors by implementing property specific techniques, which increase revenue and decrease bottom line expenses.  These services include but are not limited to preventative maintenance procedure, construction/development management implementation, tax protest, and cost segregation studies.

Property Accounting

WORTH CRE understands that management is more than real estate and tenants.  The sophistication of modern lending and cash flow analysis requires attention to detail and measurable results. We can provide any level of property accounting based on your needs.  With affiliates in the bookkeeping and accounting industry, we will customize a model for your needs.


Construction/Development Management

WORTH CRE can provide an experienced, firsthand system to ensure any project’s success.  Our fully integrated model allows for the efficient analysis of client/investor needs, and then translates that into time and cost assessments for review.  Upon entering into a project an experienced WORTH CRE member will coordinate the site selection, design, rezoning, re-plating, financing, bidding, site development, contractor selection, material selection, construction, and delivery of even the most aggressive project within predetermined time and financial parameters.



Worth CRE provides a flexible platform to develop a wide range of properties in order to meet our client and investor needs.  Our CONTRACT development service can provide construction guaranteed delivery at a variety of stages ranging from utility and infrastructure to turnkey selection specific finished products.  In phased or multi-disposition based development our FEE SIMPLE approach can be utilized to allow each party to share in the success as it occurs.  Lastly, our ability to create custom JOINT VENTURE development models allows WORTH CRE to utilize its market knowledge and access to private equity to work hand in hand with existing assets and owners to achieve a common goal.

Fund Investments / Limited Partnership Offerings / Joint Venture Equity Solutions

WORTH CRE is dedicated to providing a dynamic investment opportunity for qualified private individuals and institutions.  With a range of products from Funds Investment, LP Offerings, and JV Equity we can, upon investment review, determine which model will best serve your needs concerning timing and risk.  Our experienced staff utilizes the full scope of WORTH CRE services in order to achieve accountable and consistent returns for our clients. Past offerings have included Multi-Family Developments, Land Lease Developments, Portfolio Acquisitions, and Debt Acquisition.


Market Affiliates and Streamlined Processing

The WORTH CRE Finance model is based on an idea of streamlining what has become one of the most complex elements of Commercial Real Estate.  With the limited supply of secondary market debt and ever-tightening regional banks, it has never been more important to understand the ever-changing environment of Commercial Finance.  We work closely with our valued clients in order to understand their needs in conjunction with our longstanding relationships with regional banks and secondary debt originators.   Despite current market conditions, we are able to provide access to a broad range of institutions capable of financing both recourse and non-recourse debt structures.  Our underwriting and screening will expedite the decision process for all parties.



The most important stage of the development process, upfront analysis mitigates losses from uneducated decisions.  Our executives and associates have brokered over $100 million in transaction volume in the last five years, providing first-hand access to both on and off market information.  This information empowers us to quickly separate the good from the great.



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